Bred and Raised for Achievement, Allowed Only Into the Realm of Mediocrity

I am the first born. I am the child of parents who created an environment of learning and culture. I was exposed to the greats in terms of music, theatre, writing, and art. I was sent to a private school, provided with everything I could ever need in order to excel. My parents supported every extra-curricular pursuit I took an interest in, allowed me as many travel opportunities as were available, and nurtured my skills.

They sent me to a prestigious university, supported my subject choices, ensured once again that I had everything I needed to excel.

However, all that was in vain. Like so many others of my generation, we were raised to believe we could do anything. We tried our hands at multiple things throughout our childhoods and our every success was applauded. We were lauded for our inherent abilities, as well as the skills we nurtured within ourselves.

Then we were let loose on a world dominated by the tyrannical, the close-minded, those who are intimidated by the big thinkers.

I often look at older people, and try to understand why they no longer take joy in their lives. Birthdays pass by unnoticed, dinners are a chore, jobs are a routine that you pass through as mindlessly as possible.

I have always invested my heart into the things I do. From race day admin, to teaching English, to varsity work and my hobbies. Why do it if you’re going to do it without heart?

Then the realisation struck me: we destroy the joy in each other. Your bosses suck the joy out of your job, until you simply don’t care about doing a sterling job, and just do the bare minimum. Your friends begin expressing surprise that you want to throw a big dress-up party for your birthday, like it’s something really extravagant. Valentine’s Day becomes a day for cards and maybe an obligatory blow job.

Why? Why not take joy in your job? Why lose track of your birthdays? Why forget how you felt about your partner when you first fell in love?

Everyone – stop crushing other people. Support them, nurture them, raise them up. If you’re too scared to rise, excel or love anymore, that’s a terrible thing…but don’t inflict your negativity on those around you.


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