Open Letter

Thank you for dropping my baking tray off at my flat. I bet the sight of it around your apartment kept me on your mind – it’s easy to ignore someone, but not so easy to get your mind to co-operate. I know, because I’ve experienced it, too.

I recently read an article about an old movie, Baby Doll, which is a 1956 black comedy/drama film directed by Elia Kazan. It was produced by Kazan and Tennessee Williams, and adapted by Williams from his own one-act play 27 Wagons Full of Cotton. It stars Karl Malden, Carroll Baker and Eli Wallach, in his feature-film debut, and features Mildred Dunnock and Rip Torn.

The interesting thing, for me, about this film, is that it involves a woman, attached, and a man who wants to step into the relationship – for purely selfish reasons. I would also see our relationship as a bit of a black comedy, with dramatic overtones.


However, I would also see our relationship as fun, dynamic, mutually enriching and with a lovely frisson which I have missed. You know where to find me if you feel the same way.

To be clear, I offered friendship from the beginning, I will continue to do so, and my offer currently stands. I said I would make you dinner in exchange for those tabs, and that deal still stands, too. However, if you choose not to take me up on it…consider the R200 you’ve lost Asshole Tax.



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