Well, that’s mature…

When I went to school, there were 5 of us that partied regularly. After we matriculated, two of them fell away, three remained.

We were quite close, though grew apart a little because I chose to explore the world before settling down to study. I was always blamed for this, as I was obviously not on call during this time. However, when I returned to studying, we fell back into our old ways although we were not as close.

Imagine my surprise when it became clear that three was a crowd, and I was now meant to compete with Brownie for Blondie’s friendship. As a result of my absence, my place in the group had been lost, and I was now an unwelcome intruder in their partnership of bliss.

I refuse to compete for someone’s friendship. If you want to be my friend, awesome, but nobody is special enough to be offered up as a prize.

I stopped trying to be friends with Brownie as I felt that the only interaction she wanted was one of competition. I am not a competitive person, and we had very little in common. I began inviting Blondie out without Brownie.

Brownie took offence. She defriended me. She defriended my lover. She defriended my mother. Her immaturity is laughable. I carried on with my life, thankful that the garbage had taken itself out. I tried to speak to Blondie, but she had decided that she agreed with Brownie. It was very hurtful of me to not invite an uninterested party out with me. She was being perfectly reasonable to defriend myself and two people who had nothing to do with the situation. Pitiful. She later made her boyfriend defriend us all.

Eventually, I grew tired of the games. Brownie and I fell out and Blondie and I grew further apart. I still ask myself, should I have competed? These two girls broke something in me. They made me cynical, distrustful and hard. I was so open, and they took advantage of that.

Maybe they deserve each other.


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