Symbolism vs Function

Writing is caring.

I am a writer.

Writing is a far better form of communication for me, because you have a chance to judge the meter and rhythm of your sentences. You also have the opportunity to edit the content of your communication, which is a not a luxury we have when speaking.

I am quite a sharp-tongued individual, which has often landed me in trouble. My honesty combined with an inefficient filtering system has led to many hurt feelings, which might not have been my intention. I say might because sometimes people need a good verbal slap around the head.

Whenever I need to tell someone something important, or bring something to their attention, or settle an argument without hurting their feelings, I write a letter. Not an email, a letter. Handwriting is an intensely personal creation, and the implication of a handwritten letter is clear – I have taken time out of my day to communicate with you in the most personal and caring way I know.

I usually send text messages as well – nobody ends off a call with a kiss, but you can do that via text.

Symbolism above function, always.

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