Gypsy Music – All You’ll Ever Need

Gogol Bordello


Gogol Bordello – Transcontinental Shuffle.

Has there ever been an album which makes you want to sell everything and buy a couple of ropes of bells more than this one?

It makes you want to begin a revolution, buy a caravan and take up tarot reading and fortune telling to fund your vodka habit.

I have never cleaned, danced or fucked faster and harder than I have to this album. It brings out your true self, the part of yourself that is truly free and actually moves the the rhythm of music, life and longing.

Who needs clothing, TV, jobs or food when there is music like this? When your soul is as free as it becomes when listening to this album, who wants to be tied down to one partner when there are so many eager ones just waiting?

This is audio hedonism, a reason to ignore responsibility for a while and instead, really focus on enjoying one cigarette. All shame is erased as you breathe to its rhythm, and you realise that you are just an animal – ready and willing to follow your most base desires.

We all need to stay in touch with this side of ourselves, and this album is perfect for that.

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