Earthly Responsibility

'n feit soos 'n kooi...

I have recently become very concerned about our planet, our effect on it and what we can do to become less selfish and more caring.

As followers of my writing will know, I have become vegetarian. Not vegan, because I think we should have everything in moderation, including moderation. I have also begun to recycle quite seriously. When I leave my flat for any proper period of time (i.e.: overnight or longer) I unplug everything and turn off my geyser.

Without sounding preachy, I really think that people need to wake up. You can not do as you please without consequence. There will be consequences, sooner or later. In this case, it will be later.

Allow me to give you a more concrete, and substantially more terrifying example. The deaths of rhinos in South Africa alone stand as follows:

* 2007: 13

* 2008: 83

* 2009: 122

* 2010: 304 (as of December 8, 2010)

There is a strong likelihood that your children, your grandchildren and those who follow are not going to see these incredible creatures. All because some asshole can’t get a hard-on.

So yes – I would calculate my carbon footprint. This has to do with so much more than just greenhouse gas emissions. The amount of habitat we destroy relates directly to the diminishing numbers of animals on our planet. What’s the point of saving the panda when there’s nowhere for it to live? Where are all the “bred -in-captivity” tigers going to LIVE?

Be responsible. Calculate your carbon footprint. Reduce it. Recycle your shit. Don’t buy eco-unfriendly crap that you don’t need. If you can bear quality, buy organic, free-range food. You won’t believe the difference in taste. Surprisingly, meat without growth hormones and antibiotics tastes a lot better than meat with those things in it. You are poisoning yourself, your children and your guests.

Lead by example.

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