The Boy In The Photo

Image Copyright Brett De Vos 2010

This photo was taken by a friend’s lover. He loves old cameras with interesting filters, and his photos remind me of holiday snaps from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. They are fuzzy and there seems to be too much sunlight.

He took this one while we were all driving around my neighbourhood. As you can see, my lover is driving, and between his hat, the angle, the car and the area, it’s perfect. It makes me think of all the things which make me feel safe, of the kind of life I’d like to have, and of the joy that exists between lover and I.

I can see, from this photo, the chemistry that exists between us, the things we have in common, and the fact that we are setting off on a journey together. The destination doesn’t matter – it’s the journey that is important.


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