TFTFW (technologyforthefuckingwin)

Talk Nerdy To Me

I can not live without either my laptop or my Crackberry. I love these items so much – my laptop is the guardian of my memories. Here are my photos, my music collection, the evolution of my relationship with lover. Here are my short stories, my angst ridden poems and the secrets of my heart. It stores varsity essays and angry letter – hiding them from the world’s eyes and judgement.

Through my laptop, I can communicate with the world and with my inner self. I know that I can express myself completely and the worst that can happen is that she has a wee bit of a crash (I suffered through this with a previous laptop – the agony was unbearable!)

My Crackberry is similar, but smaller. It is a hotline to my friends, a handy tool that lets me get my Google on whenever, wherever. I can chat with my friends at will, blog if I so desire (though I still prefer to do that on my laptop) and lets me quote “that’s what she said” in different voices from The Office whenever I would like to.

I can check into Foursquare (oh yes, talk nerdy to me) and play PacMan while waiting in those interminable office queues…

Technology FTfuckingW, man.

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