The Road to Us

Greta - the Beetle of awesomeness.

It was the summer of 2007. I had just fallen in love, and Woodstock was happening in one of the most beautiful towns in our country – Harrismith. A long drive with the windows down and the beautiful rolling plains of the Free State. This is the unofficial Afrikaner homeland – somewhere where farmers are allowed to be farmers, to till the dark red soil and raise their wet-nosed, dewy-eyed cattle. This is God’s own country.

My lover and I slowly traversed the landscape, learning about each other, ourselves, and the country we live in. We stopped off at roadside cafes for meals, and soon arrived at our destination.

Fields of green awaited us, and we pitched our tent on thick, luscious lawn. We listened to excellent music the entire weekend, and then did the same roadtrip again, in reverse. We began to fit together then – smoothing each other’s rough edges. That roadtrip was revelatory, and amazing.

This is one of my best memories.

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