…because there wasn’t enough space to list them all…

Vice is nice...

I can NOT resist chocolate – in any way, shape or form. Chocolate drinks, chocolate desserts, chocolate-scented bath products, whatever. I don’t even have a sweet tooth. However, chocolate is my Achilles heel. Do not step between my and my cacao fix.


Shoes are the epitome of sexy – they communicate far more than people think. This is why strippers aren’t barefoot, pin-ups don’t wear orthopaedic shoes and your grandma isn’t keen on the clear heels.

Shoes are the true window to the soul – is your personality stronger than your body? Will you wear gorgeous shoes even though they make you want to cry? Or is your flesh weak weak weak…

I love 15cm heels in patent leather, with a slightly rounded toe, platform up front and studs around the base. I like my shoes classic with a bit of BDSM Moulin Rouge. Think Marilyn Monroe in a leather dress, lying on red silk sheets. I’m drooling at the thought.


OK, here we’re going to go with the definition of vice as being “a fault” – after all, how evil/immoral/bad can gifting be? My problem is OVERgifting. I love making people happy, so I will always make a supreme effort to get them exactly what they want. I pay attention to what they say, so my gifts are always amazing (except on those rare re-gifting occasions).

Basically, people feel like they can’t reciprocate. Now, if this is a listening problem (ie: you have no idea what I like), then you’re an insensitive, self-absorbed creep and your deserve to feel awkward. If, on the other hand, you doubt you will be able to afford it, then don’t be an Oscar Wilde Stereotype. He said, “These days, people know the cost of everything and the value of nothing”. Put some of yourself into the gift and stop expecting the damn retailers to do everything for you.


Fo rizzle, I am a media whore. I have every single Cosmo from January 2000. I am always reading at least two books. I watch films as often as humanly possible and I love TV. I Facebook CONSTANTLY. I have a Blackberry, and an iPod, and three blogs. I only get paid for two of them. I have 5 email addresses and they are all perfectly organized. I am a monster on a computer. I will whip your ass on any Playstation, and any Xbox. I haven’t played Nintendo though. I miss the cartridges too much.

Maybe this should rather be “gadgets”. Basically, I love technology, and I want to have the internet’s babies.


I truly do love a good smoke. I maintain that it should always be a want, never a need, and that a groomed woman smoking a cigarette with grace is one of the most attractive things possible.

It must be good quality, it must be chic (preferably in a cigarette-holder) and it must be enjoyed, slowly. Simple, and sexy.


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