Can’t Buy Me Love…

Love = Money

You know, I’m not a fan of the idea that women can be bought. However… and yes, there is always a however.

If you follow the evolutionary theory – not that we were descended from apes, but rather that women love shopping because we are gatherers.  According to this theory, women love seeking the perfect handbag because we are used to missioning around to find the best. As far as I’m concerned, this theory should extend to our search for men as well. Just sayin’. Do you honestly believe that we’ll settle for someone with a nice personality and a smothermother when there’s a sexy strong orphan over there?

Here’s how it is… Strong and hunterly means nothing anymore. In today’s world, cash  is King and he who is the richest  is also the best provider. Yes, we still look for strength (so that you can protect us) and we still look for good genes (because we want good babies). However, the modern man has to have it all, and that also means Platinum credit cards.

So the next time you look down a woman who is a little bit of a gold digger, think about how far evolved she is. I mean, she can see the platinum card through layers of clothing and leather…


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