10 Joys

Tamare de Lempicka - Andromeda

The best things in life are free… On the other hand, whoever said that money can’t buy happiness has not been shopping in the right places.

Beautiful Shoes
Shoes always fit. To be able to walk in a pair of 12cm stilettoes elegantly and confidently makes you a better person. It is training, restraint and grace.

I have around 75 pairs of stilettoes.

Most are black patent leather, but make of that what you will.

I don’t mean ridiculous, label-conscious, materialistic (pun? maybe) fashion. I mean the joy of creating something beautiful from something raw. The recognition of the beauty inherent in women’s bodys, the acknowledgement of the grace that lies within every man.

I live in a very vibrant, artsy community. We have people from Morocco running the corner cafe where writers, musicians and graffiti artists gather. We have white men with knee-length blonde dreadlocks sitting next to NY-style black gangsters. We are students and activists and businessmen and bakers. We are creators and protectors and innovators. We are the reason that this is not the Matrix, or some bland suburbia which is a close facsimile.

Vintage Cars
Vintage cars are the answer to life’s problems. These are living steel monsters whose insides are both as complex and as logically simple as our own. These are man-made creations, testament to the unbelievable abilities of man. It could be argued that the machines which make cars today are also a testament to this, but I’d rather drive an iconic VW Beetle than some plastic piece of crap which has been spewed out of a factory somewhere. My car has character, and with a little work, I can understand her. New cars are replaced, not repaired. It offends my sensibilities to have something which is incapable of being maintained.

I’ve already written an entire post on this – do your homework, minions! A summary – pin-ups, film noir, Marilyn Monroe and cigarette holders.

There are few things as inspiring (and entertaining) as exploring the labyrinthine imaginations of others. It’s like eavesdropping, but with hospitality. You get to escape the mundane existence that is your own, and emerge from someone else’s mind with new eyes.

NOM. I mean really, I am not the biggest fan of sweet things – I am usually a savoury face (as opposed to being in possession of a sweet tooth), but chocolate gets me every time. The perfect mix of bitter, creamy and sweet, with all those sexy chemicals that get me going. Deny me my chocoalte, and you will suffer. S’all I’m saying.

As someone who has never been able to draw, I have always envied those who were able to make concrete the images in their minds. I have a severe crush on Tamara de Lempicka, and Salvador Dali. I love the way they make the unreal so real.

Deep Conversations That Last All Night and Far Into The Early Hours of The Morning
I am a night owl. Not for partying purposes, but for thinking and talking purposes. During my matric year, I often logged onto an instant messenger and spoke to a soulmate from 8pm to 5:45am. Why that specific time? I had to pretend to my family that I had gone to bed at some point, and my mom woke up at 6am every morning. So, at 5:45 I would say goodbye, go and lie in bed, and pretend to wake up and join my mother in the kitchen half an hour later. I would go for weeks like this, doing it almost every night (depending on soulmate’s availability). My parents worried sometimes that I was addicted to the internet, but it was more that I was addicted to the amount (and type) of interaction that it afforded me. I could have the types of friends that I longed for, all over the world, and they were available to me. I did not have to settle for the FVVV (fake, vain, vapid and vulgar) friends that were immediately available to me. I am still “addicted to the internet”, but I still don’t see this as a bad thing.

Occasionally, my lover and I will indulge in these kinds of chats, but we are so comfortable with each other that we will often fall asleep in one another’s arms, mid-sentence.

My lover
The ultimate joy. A person who worships and understands and supports all the madness that exists in me. Of course, everyone is crazy in their own way, but he loves and accepts my ways. He is perfect in every aspect, even when I am selfish and self-absorbed. He is the counter-weight to my crazily swinging pendulum.

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I choose to add a few more things which make me happy, because this is my blog and lists of ten are so cliche. Animal rights, environmentalism and lingerie make me happy. We have to care for our planet, because if you live here it is your responsibility too.

Don’t be assholes, kids.


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