The Movie That Moved Me

I'm A Cyborg (and that's ok)

This is such a beautiful film. A friend gave it to me after he’d seen it and I was slightly cynical at first. However, upon actually watching it, I was blown away. The imagery is incredible – in one scene, she slits her wrist open, inserts wires into her veins, duct tapes it closed and then flips the switch. It sounds violent, but it’s done in such an innocent and beautiful way that the violence only hits you after the fact.

She gets taken to a mental institution which is decorated like a high-end cupcake shop – all pastel prints and flowers. Everyone is mad, but they are wonderfully, fantastically and delightfully mad. The humour and the sincerity that is contained within that asylum seems to be more than that which floats around the rest of the world.

She truly believes she is a cyborg, and can not eat food but must charge through electricity (which is why she inserted those wires in the first paragraph). So her mad little paramour pretends to install a rice megatron, which will change the energy in rice into power for her.

It is just amazing.

Do yourself a favour, and stretch…

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