…but the animals!

You know, maybe it’s being raised by a nature conservationist. Maybe it was growing up with so many animals around me. Whenever I hear a dog yelping, or see roadkill on our highways, or the hideous pictures PETA sends me, I am completely freaked out.

Animal cruelty disturbs me on such a deep level. I would rather see a human getting beaten than witness someone hurting an animal. I don’t condone any type of malicious violence, but cruelty to animals seems far worse somehow.

Animals are so pure. Their being is so much involved with things like survival and evolution that there is no space for evil. So, to intentionally cause them pain is one of the greatest sins I can imagine.

It often bothers me, and my worst nightmares are about animal cruelty.

He may be caged physically, but we are caged emotionally.

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