The Death Penalty – Providing Quality of Life

The death penalty can bring light into victims' lives.

My view on this subject is very simple. I do not believe that it is always possible to rehabilitate criminals. I think there is a certain mind which is criminal by nature, as opposed to criminal by necessity, and for these there is no hope.

They are a danger to society, and by allowing them to run free because your liberal heart beats lumpy custard for them, you are condoning their behaviour. You are categorically stating, “I know that this person is a danger to people like myself, but I am EVER so politically correct and I believe in the innate good of all people.”

People are not good. People may be able to overcome their evil tendencies, but people are intrinsically selfish. Each person is the centre of their own universe, and all other people are merely orbiting them, are merely actors in a play which stars themselves.

Naturally, a good upbringing and parents who can instil strong morals go a long way towards making someone more inclined towards being a good person. However, being a good person requires effort. It’s just a fact.

I digress…

Basically, I can accept that people steal because they are hungry. I can accept that people hijack because they are poor. I can even accept that people might break into someone’s home, tie them up and then clean them out.

However, I can not, and will not, accept that one would ever need to rape someone else. I can not justify the rape and subsequent butchering of children. I will not accept that at any point, it is easier for you to kill someone for their cellphone than to just ask for it. I refuse to accept guns as a normal part of our lives.

The long and short of it? I reject the option of allowing the people who fall into the latter paragraph to live a life in prison, relaxing, on my tax money. I similarly reject the option of allowing them parole, because our prisons are overflowing.

This is Africa. We need an African solution. This is where the death penalty comes in. Rape, murder, or hold someone up with a gun – death penalty.

If you steal, hijack or beat someone – three times and you also get the death penalty.

How is it fait that those who compromise the rights of others, are the ones whose rights are most protected?

We need a reform of the prison system. For those three times and you’re out guys – teach them skills. Use the free labour that our prisons could provide and make these people fix roads, build schools, clean hospitals. You could have double the capacity in prisons if you had 12 hour rotating shifts. While the day crew perform the tasks that need to be performed during the day, such as cleaning and building, the night crew sleep. Come 7pm, the day crew shuffle in, have dinner, hit the sack. The night crew make their way out and begin the tasks that need to be performed at night, such as repairing roads.

If we were actually providing these people with a legitimate way out of crime, we would be able to curb our crime rate. As it stands, there is no solution.

However, I still maintain that if you take away the human rights of anybody, you surrender your own.

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