Dazed (him) and confused (me)

You know, recently I joined a certain website to investigate my likes/dislikes and stretch my horizons. Now, I realize that websites such as these do tend to harbour sleazeballs and that having anything resembling breasts makes you a target for said. However, there is only so much that even I can accept.
Why do men think that propositioning a girl is as simple as introducing yourself and providing contact details? This is a site for people who have sex, so the least you could do is try and remember something from all the spelling lessons in Grades 1 and 2. Remember how we were taught to capitalise our own names? No?
…then what makes you think I want to have sex with you? Where is the intelligence that forms one of my prerequisites?
Names, locations, etc, have obviously been changed to protect the ignorant. However, ages have not.
theweirdo 45M Gauteng, South Africa
written 4 days ago:

hi im theweirdo how are youi stay in weirdoville please tell me more bout yourself

me 23F Gauteng, South Africa
written 2 days ago:

Hello Theweirdo. I also stay in Joburg, I live with my partner. I am currently completing my degree, in English and Drama&Film. My profile is very revealing… x

theweirdo 45M Gauteng, South Africa
written 2 days ago:

yes i know and i like would you let me take part my email is theweirdo@weirdomail.co.za my cell (number was actually provided) please take a chance i have a lot of respect for you

me 23F Gauteng, South Africa new message
written less than a minute ago:
Sir, I highly doubt that you “have a lot of respect for me” when you do not even know me. Looking at my photographs and enjoying the view does NOT constitute respect. Unfortunately, lust and respect are usually poles apart.
If you wish me to reciprocate the respect you supposedly feel, you have to earn it.
I think that was an adequate and appropriate response.

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