Beacon Caramel Biscotti

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Beacon has never really been top of my list when trawling the chocolate aisle, but my lover brought this home for me because of this very blog. How can a girl say no? His reasoning was that it says along the bottom of the wrapper (precisely where the light makes print impossible to read) – “Now unlocking the mystique of the cocoa bean”. Sweet.

Which is exactly what this chocolate is. Achingly, headache-inducingly sweet. Not too surprising when sugar is the first ingredient on the list and cocoa is sixth. Upon slicing it open, it becomes clear that the picture on the wrapper is either an intoxicated artist’s representation of what chocolate should be, or it is photoshopped to create the impression of a rich, decadent chocolate simply bursting with yummy fillings.

The truth is a little different. The filling makes up very little of the chocolate and there are not even biscuits in every square. The chocolate shell is almost grainy, and the vegetable fats and vegetable oil tend to leave a slightly bitter taste in the back of one’s mouth. Bleh. The fact that milk solids are a significant ingredient doesn’t tend to help it too much. In fact, this makes me think of the Easter Bunnies we used to make at school to raise funds for whatever – in other words, cooking chocolate. It even has that reminiscent hint of peanut butter, which is probably just the vegetable oil talking. Honestly, I was looking forward to this as I though the filling was quite inventive.

Trying the filling on its own provided a pleasant surprise, however. The very scientifically named “biscuit bits” (according to the wrapper) are nice and crunchy, although calling them biscotti may be a bit optimistic. The caramel filling is more along the lines of a caramel flavoured cream, and together with the biscuits, it’s not bad at all.

I think it’s safe to conclude that, at R10.75 (compared to Cadbury’s +- R15), you’re getting what you pay for. Anyway, a sugar high is better than no high at all.[i]

[i] That’s a joke, folks.


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