What constitutes sexy?

Being a girl who is quite a fan of the noir style of sexy (red lipstick, black eyeliner, pencil skirts, seamed stockings and heels so high you could jump off them and break a bone), I honestly don’t understand what some people find sexy. What could possibly be sexier than a typical vamp, a femme fatale?

Some bony chick in a pair of cutoffs and a strappy top? A stick insect walking around and hoping the ‘chicken fillets’ don’t fall out of her bra?

No no, come now. THIS is sexy!

(images from http://www.hipsandcurves.com – an amazing site, and sight!)

What on earth leads women to think that not being able to bounce in any manner at all is sexy? Cleavage is an international turn-on, for men and women alike, but women with size 28 jeans aren’t going to be rocking much cleavage. Let’s call an A-cup an A-cup, ladies. If you have cleavage, but your breasts are the only things with substance on your entire body (read that as you like), they’re either fake or you are a goddess and I will consider worshipping you.

Hips – they’re meant to be curvy and yummy and sexy…not bony. What’s the point of being able to slice cheese on your hipbones if you aren’t going to eat any? Surely you want some smoothness, softness – think valleys instead of ravines. Something a hot young man (or woman…or women) can run their hands over without feeling that scraping feeling that happens every time you go over a speedbump in Jozi.

Men are meant to be hard, angular, reliable. There’s no crudity in that last sentence (and no crudites in my fridge), but the beauty of lovemaking, or even the juxtaposition of man and woman in any setting, is in the contrast. The voluptuous, soft, forgiving and yielding woman to the sturdy, hardness of man.

I could also mention the contrast between the way you look and the way you may decide to act in the bedroom, but perhaps that’s best saved for another blog…



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