Geldhof Fine Chocolatiers Dark Chilli Chocolate Bar

Another trip to Geldhof meant that I returned with an awesome little bag of goodies, picked purely for their novelty value. I’d previously enjoyed the Orange Chocolate bars that Geldhof makes, but this was a relatively new addition to the stable and one that I couldn’t resist.

This is one of the most fantastic and interesting chilli chocolates I’ve tasted since I first tasted Lindt’s Chilli Slab. Although the packaging is quite plain, this five block chocolate bar is glossy and breaks cleanly. This bar doesn’t tell you how much it weighs, but it looks around 40g, and those 40g pack a punch. The chocolate itself is lovely quality, and the fact that it is not too smooth compliments the taste of the chilli. It is not so dark as to cease being sweet and the slight crumbliness of the chocolate makes it taste a little more creamy. Somehow, a very smooth chocolate would make this bar too hot.

Because it is hot. Make no mistake, this is not a messing around “I think I’d like a bit of heat” chocolate bar to grab on the go. There are real chilli seeds in here, as you can see, and you can feel them crunching between your teeth. The addition of chilli as not only flavour but texture as well is incredible and really lends itself to reminding you that you are eating chilli, and as a consequence, making you feel pretty powerful.  Definitely a lovely idea that I’ve not yet seen executed in any other brands’ chilli chocolates, but one that could do with a bit of popularisation.

It is fantastic as a follow up to any meal, and the fact that you need so little to be satisfied means that a little goes a long way. I tried it with some good vanilla ice cream, which was a wonderful dessert, but don’t let this chocolate get too cold or the flavours will be ruined. Although this chocolate is really top-notch, make sure you keep a glass of milk handy, and even then (unless you are a hothead) I doubt that you will be able to eat this whole bar in one go.


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