Bakers Eet-Sum-Mor Balls

While I’m fully aware that the title of this article looks like some juvenile graffiti outside a bakery, I have to admit that this really is a product. How it got past the PR people is beyond me, but I guess someone out there has a better sense of humour than we’d care to admit. The product itself makes me think of stoner movies – the dudes from Pineapple Express or Clerks would love to get their hands on these. Basically, Bakers have taken the best-selling shortbread biscuits called Eet-Sum-Mors, made them into little nuggets and coated them with milk chocolate. Sounds like Tumbles, right?

Well, they’re pretty similar, but they’re better! Apart from the fact that it’s a far larger pack (nom nom nom), the nuggets themselves are larger too, and absolutely delicious. The shortbread is of a far better quality than that which is used in Tumbles or Chuckles, which is something you should expect from a company that makes biscuits but it’s still a great surprise. What I actually like best about these little bites is that they’re coated in chocolate, and that’s that. Other chocolate nibbles of the same type tend to be so polished that they seem waxy, like fruit from bad supermarkets. This is just good, honest milk chocolate – not much cocoa, but at least it doesn’t taste like a candle. Furthermore, these are not all balls of exactly the same dimensions – they’re cooler because they are irregular nuggets of shortbread, instead of highly processes shortbread balls. Shortbread and chocolate are always a good pairing, and we had these on a pretty warm day, so the chocolate was all melty and delicious. A fantastic idea for a finger dessert.

Make no mistake, this is junk food on steroids, has little to no nutritional value, and is pretty much impossible to put down. This is definitely something you open while at a braai (said “b-rye”, this is the Afrikaans word for barbecue) or party! I guarantee that if you open it on your own, it may disappear in the same amount of time as it would in a social setting, but it will all be in your belly.


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